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iBrabble BV is a company active in the Educational, Media and Events side of the business. Our educational programs consist of industry related training of which our Project Freight Management (PFM) and our Project Logistics IT related programs are the ShippersForum endorsed programs.
iBrabble has trained over 1000 professionals in the past few years and is proud to have a score of 4.9 out of 5 from our participants.
iBrabble BV
iBrabble BV


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The Project Freight Management training which will be given from the perspective of the shipper. We know that this will bring you a great deal of additional know-how in your Project Management skills that will help you in your future Projects and Heavy Lift shipments. When discussing projects in general we mean Heavy Lift shipments as well as capital and complex freight and logistics projects.

Your takeaway will be a much more profound understanding of how and why shippers or freight owners do what they do in an effort to prepare, plan, organize, price, monitor, and execute their heavy lift shipments and capital projects. It will help you in your future dealings as a shipper or in relation with a shipper and all parties involved in Heavy Lift & Projects. You will gain a clearer and open communication and collaboration in favor of project successes.

Project Logistics Planning
Project planning and scheduling of activities necessary for the project and with the efficient utilization of available resources.
Request For Quote
To determine the requirements in any RFQ process, one needs to determine the internal information availability.
Project Objective
Clearly defines the objectives and scope to Provides stakeholders and management with a common view and strong understanding.
Project Execution Plan
A PEP is important to enable to document all activities within a project to a great detail.

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