Breakbulk Americas Preview: Master Class, Project Freight Management – “Shipper’s Perspective”

New for Breakbulk Americas, Project Freight Management – Shipper’s Perspective two-day seminar on 26 – 27 September will be taught by Peter Bouwhuis from iBrabble B.V. (Education & Events) and formerly of ABB. The Course includes Project Planning, Project Finance, Project Tracking progress, the best Project IT tools and overall Project and Shipping strategy, and is designed for EPCs, Project Owners and Project Forwarders. Listen as Peter talks about how this workshop will benefit industry attendees.

If you are looking to learn about project planning, finance, tracking progress, the best project IT tools and overall project and shipping strategy, then this course will offer you this and much more. Taught by a world class Project Manager, students will take away practical hands on know-how and materials for immediate impact in the process of managing global projects.

Posted June 21, 2016 in: Training by admin